Course Schedule Fall 2014

This schedule is subject to change. Please check back frequently.

Monday Lecture Wednesday Lecture Friday Lecture Reading (optional for undergrads)
Sep. 29
The security mindset
Homework 1 out
Oct. 1
Message integrity
Oct. 3
Hash functions and pseudorandomness
MD5 Considered Harmful Today. Sotirov, Stevens, Appelbaum, Lenstra, Molnar, Osvik, and Weger. CCC 2008.
Oct. 6
Homework 1 due 6pm
Project 1 out
Oct. 8
Block ciphers
Homework 2 out
Grad. paper response 1 due 6pm
Oct. 10
Public key cryptography
Cryptanalysis of the Windows Random Number Generator. Dorrendorf, Gutterman, Pinkas. CCS 2007. [*closed access]
Oct. 13
Oct. 15
Digital signatures
Homework 2 due 6pm
Grad. paper response 2 due 6pm
Oct. 17
Key exchange and key management
New Directions in Cryptography. Diffie, Hellman. IEEE Trans. on Information Theory. 1976.
Oct. 20
Project 1 due 6pm
Project 2 out
Oct. 22
Web architecture
Grad. paper response 3 due 6pm
Oct. 24
Web attacks and defenses
Robust Defenses for Cross-Site Request Forgery. Barth, Jackson, Mitchell. CCS 2008.
Oct. 27
Authenticating people
Oct. 29
Authentication (cont.) and access control
Homework 3 out
Project 2 due 6pm
Project 3 out
Grad. paper response 4 due 6pm
Oct. 31
Networking basics
The Tangled Web of Password Reuse. Das, Bonneau, Caesar, Borisov, Wang. NDSS 2014.
Nov. 3
Network attacks
Nov. 5
Network attacks (cont.)
Grad. paper response 5 due 6pm
Nov. 7
Network defenses
Project 3 due 6pm
A Look Back at "Security Problems in the TCP/IP Protocol Suite". Bellovin. ACSAC 2004.
Nov. 10
Memory safety
Homework 3 due 6pm
Homework 4 out
Project 4 out
Nov. 12
Memory safety (cont.)
Grad. paper response 6 due 6pm
Nov. 14
The Geometry of Innocent Flesh on the Bone: Return-into-libc without Function Calls (on the x86). Shacham. CCS 2007. [*closed access]
Nov. 17
Trusted computing and side channels
Nov. 19
Homework 4 due 6pm
Grad. paper response 7 due 6pm
Nov. 21
Web privacy
Project 4 due 6pm
Project 5 out
Tor: The Second-Generation Onion Router. Dingledine, Mathewson, Syverson. Usenix Security 2004.
Nov. 24
The underground economy
Homework 5 out
Nov. 26
Security ethics and economics
Grad. paper response 8 due 6pm
Nov. 28
Thanksgiving break – No lecture
Spamalytics: An Empirical Analysis of Spam Marketing Conversion. Kanich et al. CCS 2008.
Dec. 1
Advanced threats
Dec. 3
Human factors
Grad. paper response 9 due 6pm
Dec. 5
Exam review
Homework 5 due 6pm
Project 5 due 6pm

Final Exam: Friday, December 12, 10:30am–12:30pm in Ry 276

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