CMSC 23800/53800
Game Construction

General Information

Course: CMSC 23800/53800
Game Construction
Instructor: John Reppy Hinds 033
TA: Ross Girshick
Lecture: TR 4:30-5:50
Ry 277
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Computer games are one of the most exciting applications of computer technology. Computer games are also large software systems that embody cutting-edge graphics as well as techniques from scientific simulation, networking, AI, and databases. This course is an introduction to the issues of computer game construction. Students will work in teams to design and create their own games using existing libraries for graphics, physics simulation, etc. While students are not expected to be experts in everyone of the technical areas that underly computer games (e.g., graphics, scientific computing, networking, etc.), expertise in one or two of these areas is required, as is a strong background in programming.

Text books

The text is
Title: Introduction to Game Development
Editor: Steve Rabin
Publisher: Charles River Media, 2005

The project

Possible topics for individual reports


You are encouraged to use existing libraries where possible.


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