Practice Problems

The purpose of the practice problems is to allow you to test your understanding of the material we are covering in lecture. There are two types of practice problems:

  • “be-a-computer” warm-up exercises. You should do these warm-up exercises by hand. We’ll provide code to allow you to check your answers.
  • Programming Problems. We will be using a system named Kattis for these problem. Kattis is a website that allows students to submit solutions to programming problems, and have them evaluated automatically by running a series of test cases on the submitted solutions. You can find information about how to use Kattis here.

All the files necessary to solve these problems are located in a pp/ directory in your repository (make sure you run git pull upstream master to get the files). This directory contains a bac subdirectory with files you can use to check your solution to the be-a-computer exercises, and a kattis directory with the files you’ll need to solve the Kattis problems.

Make sure you read our Using Kattis page before you start working on the Kattis problems!

Problems below with a (*) are challenge problems.


Be-a-computer exercises

Kattis problems

Note: Many of the above problems could be solved with an iterative algorithm as well. We expect you to solve these problems recursively, but please note that Kattis cannot tell whether your solution to a problem is recursive or not, so getting an “Accepted” judgement does not necessarily mean that your solution is correct.

Note (2): Several of these problems are from a placement exam. Please ignore any warning about what happens “on the exam”. Those warnings refers to the placement exam, not to the CAPP 30122 exam.