Programming assignments

Late submissions

All students may use up to two 24-hour extensions for the programming assignments during the quarter. These extensions are all-or-nothing: you cannot use a portion of an extension and have the rest “carry over” to another extension. If extraordinary circumstances (illness, family emergency, etc.) prevent a student from meeting a deadline, the student must inform their instructor before the deadline.

Assignment descriptions

PA #1: “The Markovian Candidate”: Speaker Attribution Using Markov Models (Due: Friday, January 18th at 4pm)

PA #2: Visualizing Employee Diversity Using Treemaps (Due: Wednesday, January 30th at 4pm)

PA #3: Decision Trees (Due: Friday, Feb 8th at 8pm)

PA #4: Course Search Engine: Crawling the catalog (Due: Wednesday, February 20th at 4pm)

PA #5: Course Search Engine: Backend (Due: Friday, March 1st at 4pm)

PA #6: File Archiver (Due: Wednesday, March 13th at 11:59pm)