Getting Help

We will provide support for this course using an on-line system named Piazza and with office hours.

Office hours

For more substantial help, we recommend attending office hours.

Name Day & Time Location
Rogers MWF 10:45am-11:45am JCL 221
Samuels MWF 1:30-2:30pm JCL 203
Farvardin Th 3:00-5:00pm JCL 280
Nechamkin Tu 5:30-7:30pm JCL 280


The preferred form of on-line support for this course is through Piazza, an on-line discussion service that can be used to ask questions and share useful information with your classmates. Students will be enrolled in Piazza at the start of the quarter.

All questions regarding assignments or material covered in class must be sent to Piazza, and not directly to the course instructor or the TAs, as this allows your classmates to join in the discussion and benefit from the replies to your question. If you send a message directly to the instructor or the TAs, you will get a gentle reply asking you to send your question to Piazza.

Piazza has a mechanism that allows you to ask a private question, which will be seen only by the instructor and teaching assistants. This mechanism should be used only for questions that require revealing part of your solution to the assignment.

Additionally, all course announcements will be made through Piazza. It is your responsibility to check Piazza often to see if there are any announcements. Please note that you can configure your Piazza account to send you e-mail notifications every time there is a new post on Piazza. Just go to your Account Settings, then to Class Settings, click on Edit Notifications under CAPP 30122. We encourage you to select either the Real Time option (get a notification as soon as there are new posts) or the Smart Digest option (get a summary of all the posts sent over the last 1-6 hours – you can select the frequency).