CMSC 22001: Software Construction

    University of Chicago
    Computer Science Department
    Winter 2018


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    Basic Information

      • 09:30--10:50pm Tu/Th
      • Ryerson 277
      Instructor: Professor Shan Lu (shanlu@uch...); RY 257-A; office hour: Tu/Th 10:50--11:45am @ Ry 257-A.
      • Lefan Zhang (lefanz@uch...) office hour: 2:00--3:30pm, Tuesday @ CSIL1.
      • Yuxi Chen (chenyuxi@uch...) office hour: 3:00--4:00pm Mon@ CSIL4, 1:00pm--2:00pm Wed@ CSIL1 (starting on Jan. 24th).


      03/01 The fast code and slow code demo-ed in lecture can be found here: fast and slow.

      03/01 11:59pm Project milestone 4 implementation due.

      03/06 09:30am Every project group will do a project presentation in that lecture.

      03/13 10:30am--12:30pm Final exam @ Ry-277.

    Stats, Notes, Useful Info.

        Stats: Quiz 1 Avg 9.6; Quiz 2 Avg 8.7; Quiz 3 Avg 8.3; Quiz 4 Avg 8.8; Midterm Avg 90.6, Median 93.75; Quiz 5 Avg 7.5, Median 7.6; Quiz 6 Avg 8.6, Median 8.6.


      Welcome to Software Construction! In this course, we will study a number of interesting topics including software processes, requirement engineering, software architecture and component design, software testing, debugging, and software maintenance.

      This course assumes familiarity with basic programming skills and data structures. Some background in object-oriented programming (e.g., C++ or Java) is not required, but would be good to have. You will need to program in a 6 -- 8 people team.


      This is a tentative schedule.

      01/02 (No Class) 01/04 Introduction, Software Processes [notes]
      01/09 Agile, Extreme Programming [notes] 01/11 Project Discussion, Requirement Engineering & System Modeling I [notes]
      01/16 Requirement Engineering & System Modeling II [notes] 01/18 System Modeling III [notes]
      01/23 Architectural Design [notes] 01/25 Testing 1 [notes]
      01/30 Testing 2 [notes] 02/01 Code Smell [notes]
      02/06 Refactoring [notes] 02/08 Midterm
      02/13 Software Maintenance and Design Patterns I (Observer) [notes ] 02/15 Design Patterns II (Composite, Interpreter) [notes ]
      02/20 Design Patterns III [notes ] 02/22 Bugs and Bug Detection [notes ]
      02/27 Parallel Software Construction I [notes ] 03/01 Parallel Software Construction II [notes]
      03/06 Project Presentation 03/08 No Class (Reading Period)



      This is a tentative version.

      You will do a warm-up project in a group of two with the due day on 01/17. More information about this warm-up project will be posted by the end of the first week of the quarter.

      You will propose a project and develop it following the process learned in the class with your teammates.
      Your project will go through the following milestones, with every milestone being graded.
      More details will be announced later.

      • Milestone 1 (01/19): proposing a project, with requirement details and user stories written down (group of 2--3 people);
      • Milestone 2 (01/31): requirement validation and project planning, with development team and plans set up (group of 6--8 people);
      • Milestone 3 (02/09, 02/15): 1st development iteration, with unit test cases to show progress (group of 6--8 people);
      • Milestone 4 (02/22, 03/01): 2nd development iteration, with unit test cases to show progress (group of 6--8 people);
      • Milestone 5 (03/06): system testing and documentation (group of 6--8 people);
      • Milestone 6 (03/11): acceptance testing (groups testing each other's projects).


      There will be an in-lecture mid-term exam and a final exam.


      This is a tentative scheme.

      Warm-Up Project 8%
      Project 40%
      Quizzes 7%
      Mid-Term exam 20%
      Final exam 25%

    Mailing List