Homework 1

Read Chapters 2,6-6.1, and exercise 6.4 (for division operator)

Solve problems:

  • 6.10
  • 6.11
  • 6.13
  • 6.14

You will submit homeworks in an attached text file via email. Please use the site http://dbis-uibk.github.io/relax/index.htm. Go through their relational algebra tutorial part.

For each problem:

  • include the schema you use to create the dataset (example data can be empty or very small). For this you will need to create a dataset by clicking on the dropdown. Alternatively you can use GIST ID.
  • include the text of your relational algebra plan (i.e. copy the text like π a (R)) this works in gedit on ubuntu/mint, test in your system such that you can copy from the site to your text editor and back into the site


Email your HW to aelmore@cs.uchicago.edu and trihuynh@uchicago.edu with the subject: [UCDB] HW1

Please have your textfile named HW1-[firstname]-[lastname].txt – obviously replace your name :)

Due Date

Tuesday 1/19 11:59 PM CST