Several homework assignments have included open-ended problems that allowed you to be creative in how you implemented your solutions. Now you will look through what other students have come up with and vote on your favorites.

For each of the polls below, you will submit a text file that contains a list of your favorite submissions identified by their id numbers (these will be assigned randomly for each assignment). Each number should appear on its own line. For example:


For each assignment, you may choose up to 10 submissions. Order your choices so that the one on line n is your nth favorite one. Any submission number should be mentioned at most once among your choices. You will receive credit for voting if you submit a non-empty, well-formed ballot. Voter intimidation will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Homework 1 Voting (10 points)

Homework 2 Voting (10 points)

Submission Instructions

Start by navigating to the folder where you checked out your repo. Next, create a subfolder:

% svn mkdir voting

For each of the polls above, create a text file called hwN-votes.txt (where N is replaced with the homework number). Then add and commit them. For example:

% svn add hw1-votes.txt
% svn add hw2-votes.txt
% svn commit -m "voting on hw1 and hw2"