Welcome to CS152! The syllabus contains detailed information on all aspects of the course.

The instructors for CS152 in Autumn 2015 are Adam Shaw, for Section 1, Diana Franklin, for Section 2, and Matthew Wachs, for Section 3.

Course content will appear both at this site and on piazza. As such you will need to register for a piazza account. You should have received an invitation, with registration instructions, to the piazza course site at your uchicago.edu email address. Please let us know as soon as possible if you have not received an invitation.


Section 1, taught by Adam Shaw, meets MWF, 9:30–10:20 in Ryerson 276.

Section 2, taught by Diana Franklin, meets MWF, 11:30–12:20 in Stuart 101.

Section 3, taught by Matthew Wachs, meets MWF, 1:30–2:20 in Stuart 101.


The lab exercises are linked to from index to coursework.

Attendance at lab sessions is mandatory. They are held in the CSIL (Computer Science Instructional Laboratory) on the first floor of the John Crerar Library. Labs are held at six different times; you must register for one of them, and attend that one each week.

The lab meeting times are as follows:

Homework and Projects

The homework exercises and project descriptions are linked to from the index to coursework.

Office Hours

Please also keep the college core tutors (aka Harper tutors) in mind. CS tutors are on staff every Sunday through Thursday night from 7pm–11pm.


The required text for this course is The C Programming Language, Second Edition by Brian Kernighan and Dennis Ritchie (1988). This book is commonly known as "K and R."

The supplemental text (not required) for this course is Data Structures in C by Noel Kalicharan (2008).


Version Control with Subversion by Pilato, Collins-Sussman and Fitzpatrick (full text online) [website]

Piazza (Q&A, announcements, course materials) [website]

Academic Honesty

College-wide honesty guidelines are here.

The following rules of thumb summarize honesty as it pertains to CS152:

The penalties for academic dishonesty are strong ones. At a minimum, your advisor will be contacted with a report on the incident, and we will apply an academic penalty at our judgment. Furthermore, no student who violates academic honesty policy will be allowed to withdraw from CS152.