Topics in Computer Security Spring 2016

This course is an intensive research seminar in which the class will read, present, discuss, and review both foundational and recent papers related to cloud and distributed systems security, with an emphasis on techniques for building untrusted cloud services. It will cover topics such as: TLS, secure messaging, authentication, Web security, memory safety, trusted computing, Byzantine fault tolerance, untrusted cloud services, verifiable computation, anonymity and anticensorship, and cloud side channels. It will also include a course project, done in groups, consisting of original research in cloud or distributed systems security. The goal of this course is to introduce the research literature in cloud and distributed systems security as well as computer security research more generally. See the schedule for details.

Course Information

Instructor Ariel J. Feldman ()
Seminars Mon., Wed. 1:30–2:50pm, Ry 277.
Office hours By appointment, Ry 161A.
Communication Along with this website, we'll use Piazza for course announcements, submitting paper reviews, posting lecture slides, and general discussion and questions about course material.

No textbook is required, but if you would like additional references, we recommend:



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