Practice ProblemsΒΆ

The purpose of the practice problems is to allow you to test you understanding of the material we are covering in lecture. We expect a set of practice problems to take about an hour or so, assuming you have done the reading.

The problems are broken up into two parts: a set of “be-a-computer” warm-up exercises and a set of programming problems. You should do the warm-up exercises by hand. We’ll provide code to allow you to check your answers. We will be using a system named Kattis for the programming problem. Kattis is a website that allows students to submit solutions to programming problems, and have them evaluated automatically by running a series of test cases on the submitted solutions. You can find information about how to use Kattis here.

Practice problems: Week 1.

Practice problems: Week 2.

Practice problems: Week 3.

Practice problems: Week 4.

Practice problems: Week 6.

Practice problems: Exam 2.