CS 331, Advanced OS, Winter 2014

Class News

[3/13] Project presentations on Thursday, March 13th, 1-4:30pm, Ry 255
[1/15] Important folders/files: papers, questions, misc files, answers, and reports
[1/7] Welcome to the Advanced OS course!
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Please read the class description.

Where: RY 277

When: M 3:30-4:50pm and F 3-4:20pm (or 3:30-4:50pm if there is a faculty candidate talk)

If this schedule creates a conflict with your other classes, please let me know.

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Don't forget to read the question files before reading the papers, and please submit your answers.

    Operating System Kernels:

    M, Jan  6: No Lecture (Brrr!)
  1. F, Jan 10: First Lecture, Projects, Hints
  2. M, Jan 13: THE, Nucleus, Unix,
  3. F, Jan 17: Exokernel-1, Exokernel-2, Unikernel
    M, Jan 20: No Lecture (Martin Luther King, Jr. Day)
  4. F, Jan 24: Corey
  5. M, Jan 27: PTask
  6. F, Jan 31: Resource Containers

    File and Storage Systems:

  7. M, Feb  3: Disk, RAID (original)
  8. F, Feb  7: FFS
  9. M, Feb 10: LogFS, Journaling FS
  10. F, Feb 14: btrfs, XFS


    M, Feb 17: No Lecture (Out of Office)
  11. F, Feb 21: VM Basics, Disco
  12. M, Feb 24: VMware ESX, Xen Paravirtualization
  13. F, Feb 28: VM Migration, VM Cloning

    New Storage Technology:

  14. M, Mar  3: Understanding SSD, Tradeoffs, BPLRU, WA, NAND,
  15. F, Mar  7: BPLRU, Lifetime, TRIM
  16. M, Mar 10: PCM, Implications , BPFS, NV-Heaps, Mnemosyne,


    R, Mar 13: Project presentations, Ry 255, 1-4:30pm
    F, Mar 21: Final paper due (at 11:59pm)