CMSC 23000 (CS 230): Operating Systems (Autumn 2012)


Ryerson 251
TR @ 1:30 - 2:50 pm
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URL and Mailing List:


(TBD when needed)

Instructor and Office Hours:

Haryadi Gunawi
email: haryadi @ [cs domain]
(Open door and by appt.)
Ryerson 259

TA and Office Hours:

Amirali Shambayati
email: amirali @ [cs domain]
MWRF @ 4-5pm (and by appt.)
Ryerson 178


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Class News

[12/6] Final exam, Dec 11, in class, click here for more information
[11/27] Project 4 guideline, click here
[11/27] Please complete online course evaluation. Thank you!
[11/16] Note that the final exam has been moved to Dec 11th
[Old] Click here for old news ..

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The exams will be closed book, and will cover material from class and projects. The final exam is not cumulative.